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Welcome to Izzy’s Wizard Nation!

I invite you to embark on a journey with me, to a land of wonderful creativity.

I am building a world right now, Jynia. It’s a big project for me, and it means learning a lot as I go, but it also means creating a ton of surplus content. Short stories that might otherwise never see the light of day. Character portraits I’m learning to paint, which will get put on the wiki I’m building, as well as being uploaded to my portfolio. Novellas that follow side characters. Wonderful tidbits of worldbuilding that might never get mentioned, well that can find a home on the wiki. 

I want to share all of that surplus content with you. And I want to offer those of you who want it extra content and early content. Some of the short stories will be restricted to members of the Wizard Nation, while others will be bundled up and made available for sale. The Wizard Nation will get to read those bundles early.  In addition, members of the Wizard Nation get to read all novellas and novels at no extra cost!

Membership is only $1/month, although higher subscriptions are available for those who choose to donate more. There are no extra rewards for higher subscriptions, yet. There will be in the future, but this is kind of like a beta phase. And beta phase means pay what you can!

So, if you want to read all about a world covered in near endless water, where humans are rare and magical creatures walk the ground, where pirates roam and merfolk are hunted, and where where the politics can easily turn lethal, well then come with me.

Join the Wizard Nation.