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By Izzy Shows

The Codex Blair Series: Omnibus One

A Collection of the First Three Codex Blair Books

I am Blair Sheach. Screw up. Outcast. Wizard.

My life will never be the same. Let’s just say, new found powers do not a hero make, and I’ve never been an exception. It was supposed to be a simple case: find the client’s deadbeat, cheating husband, collect money, and finally pay my rent. Turns out the wanker is a necromancer hell bent on destroying London. Turns out necromancers are only part of the problem in a city infested by vampires and demons. And magic cops aren’t any better at cleaning them up than mundane ones. Then there’s me, I’m no one special. Just the last line of defense.

I’m out of luck and out of time. And to save my city, the decision I have to make is one I can’t take back.

USA Today Best Selling Author

Izzy Shows

I grew up in Wilson, North Carolina. It’s a small town about an hour east of Raleigh, and I spent most of my time finding adventure, filling up notebooks with every story that came to my head, and being reprimanded by teacher’s for reading in class. My first fiction novel came out in January of 2017, and the best way to find out about my releases is to sign up for the newsletter to stay on top of things!

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Blood Captive

Nina’s life is turned upside down when a werewolf frees her from the vampire’s dungeons and turns her into the most dangerous weapon this world has ever seen

Grave Mistake

When Blair Sheach accepts a job to get her much needed rent money, she stumbles into a world of magic more dangerous than anything she could have imagined.


The humans came to Eyrus to terraform it, intending to create a garden of eden to replace the now destroyed Earth. They never thought to find a witch buried inside the planet.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

C.S. Lewis

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