Exciting news! Yesterday, I finished my very first short story. It’s available on my website, and you can read the first chapter for free right now! 


To read the entire short story, and the episodes to follow, you will need to be a patron on my Patreon. 


Why? Why isn’t it on Amazon? Why aren’t you writing Black Magic?


I know these questions must be going through your head, and more, and I’m going to try to answer to the best of my ability.


Black Magic…well, the short explanation for that is that while I was trying to figure out what had gone wrong to corrupt the file in uploading to Amazon, the entire thing disappeared. I tried every method of data recovery available, and I was able to get back about half of it. 


Which means I have to rewrite half of it. This is a huge blow for me, considering how hard my depression has already been. I just can’t do it right now. Every time I load the file, I want to cry.


So, I want to make myself fall in love with writing again! I miss Blair, and I want to write more for her. I will write more for her, I promise. Just…not right now.


Now, why isn’t the short story available on Amazon?


Because I promised my Patreon exclusive short stories, and I aim to deliver on that promise. 


However, once the first three episodes are written, I will be boxing them up and putting them on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play. They will not be in Kindle Unlimited.


If you’d rather wait for that, I understand entirely. I do want to warn you, though—only the first three will be available on other platforms. The rest of the short stories will be on my website, unlockable by becoming a patron for as little as $1.


I think this is more than fair. I used to release 1-2 books a month, at $3.99 or more. I’m now offering you multiple short stories per month for just a dollar. What’s more, as my confidence builds, I will be adding novellas to my Patreon. 


They will also be available for just a $1 pledge. 

And guess what else?

When I start writing novels in Jynia—and oh boy, I sure will!—they will also be available to my patrons for that same $1/month pledge.


The novels will, of course, also be on the other platforms. The short stories, and possibly novellas, I haven’t decided yet, will be exclusive to my Patreon. But the novels won’t be discounted on the other platforms like they will be on my Patreon. The novels will not be on Kindle Unlimited.


I need to make one other thing clear, too.


I will not be writing novels for a little while. I am too broken for that. I’m sorry. Really, I am so deeply sorry, I feel like I’ve let you all done so horribly. 


That’s why I’m doing this, though. I want to give you stories. I want to give you a place to escape. I want to help, and this is the way I can right now.


I hope you’ll join me.


Thank you,